Francisco Soria and Jorge Ludvik plead with authorities to keep searching Migue Fernandez
Search for missing Costa del Sol paddleboarders extended to Morocco
Missing persons

Search for missing Costa del Sol paddleboarders extended to Morocco

Dozens of people gathered in Malaga at the weekend to support loved ones as they plead with authorities to continue searching for the two young Argentinian men who haven't been seen since 27 August

Antonio Contreras


Monday, 11 September 2023, 13:42


The father of one of the two Argentinian paddleboarders who have been missing out at sea since 27 August saaid he will travel to Morocco to try to find them.

Jorge Ludvik, the father of Maxi, said: "I'm determined to see what I can do to go to Morocco this week. I don't know a word of Moroccan, but I want to go and see what we can do, because we can't stay here waiting for someone to call us and tell us if they've found something".

It comes after the family held a public rally on Saturday 9 September, pleading with the authorities not to scale down the search. Rescue teams have only located a paddleboard since Emanuel, 34, and Maxi, 29, set off from Malaga's Misericordia beach to watch the sunrise at about 7.20am on 27 August. The board was spotted by a sailing boat on 28 August about 15 nautical miles southeast of Malaga and was picked up by a passing vessel. But there was no sign of the two friends.

"We gathered here to receive the support of the people, the media and for the government to listen to us. We need them to reactivate the aerial search, which is the most effective. We are going to move heaven, earth and sea. We are not going to leave Malaga without them," said Francisco Soria, Emmanuel's brother.

"Currently I know that there is a boat searching the area in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Before, I think I remember there were three boats, as well as a plane and a helicopter," said Ignacio Soria, another brother of Emmanuel.

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