The Encierro de la Virgen del Gran Perdón procession in Malaga city on Sunday evening. Marilú Báez
Rain, with threat of it falling as mud, mars the start of Holy Week in Malaga
Semana Santa 2024

Rain, with threat of it falling as mud, mars the start of Holy Week in Malaga

Downpours in the province on Palm Sunday forced the suspension of some of the planned processions, while others shortened their routes and brotherhoods covered the valuable religious images with plastic sheeting in an effort to protect them

Monday, 25 March 2024, 11:48


There was a lot of disappointent and many tears shed at the start of Holy Week in Malaga province on Palm Sunday. The muddy mix of rain accompanied by red Sahara desert sand dust in suspension in the atmosphere was a particularly damaging duo for the brotherhoods and their treasured floats - and as a result many of the big processions were cancelled at the last minute.

In Malaga city, Pollinica was the only brotherhood to brave the weather and pass along the official route, while the Señor del Huerto was forced to turn back at the Congregación de Mena brotherhood house due to the rain, which caught out the Prendimiento in Calle Ollerías. Lágrimas, Dulce Nombre, Salutación, Humildad y Paciencia, Humildad y Salud decided to suspend their processions.

The Malaga brotherhoods had been nervously waiting to see the weather forecast since the afternoon of Passion Saturday, when the predictions from Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) began to worsen. After two meetings, one on Saturday and another early on the morning of Palm Sunday, a few brotherhoods decided to stick to their schedules, with others leaving a final decision until closer to the planned departure time.

Visits to churches and brotherhood houses were constant throughout the afternoon

From midday onwards, some brotherhoods decided not to proceed through the streets and instead opened their churches, where there were many people who came to visit their patron saints. Liturgical events were also organised, such as the Eucharist celebrated by the Brotherhood of Humility and Patience - a substitute for its penitential station at the cathedral. The Cofradía del Dulce Nombre, moved its titular figures from the tinglao in the Plaza de Capuchinos to its canonical seat in the church of the Divina Pastora.

The Cofradía de la Pollinica exited out on time and although a few drops fell on its way through the Alameda Principal, the procession completed its route.

Another Capuchin brotherhood, that of the Prendimiento, also decided to go out, although with a shortened itinerary through Molinillo, Ollerías and Dos Aceras towards its neighbourhood and without taking the official path. The route had to be shortened even further when rain fell from 7.20pm onwards. The image of Jesús del Prendimiento and the cloak of the Virgen del Gran Perdón were covered with plastic sheeting as the rain came down harder.

The same happened with the carvings of Jesús del Huerto and the Angel, when rain started to fall and they returned to their brotherhood house. The Virgen de la Concepción did not even manage to cross the threshold of her home. Inside, the representation of the Infantry Academy of Toledo honoured the Dolorosa with a bugle call.

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