The award will be presented on the day of the patron saint of the Local Police. Migue Fernández
Private hire driver who saved young woman from being raped in Malaga to receive an award

Private hire driver who saved young woman from being raped in Malaga to receive an award

The city will honour the VTC driver Adrián Maldonado who prevented the sexual assault despite his own personal risk in doing so

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Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 12:38

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The private hire driver Adrián Maldonado, 26, who saved a woman from being raped at the weekend in Malaga city centre is to receive an award for his actions

In the next few days the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, will receive Adrián at the city hall to personally thank him for his timely action. In addition, the Local Police will distinguish him on their patron saint’s day.

Superintendent of the Local Police, Juan Ferrer, said Adrián’s quick thinking, complemented by the rapid arrival of Local Police officers was vital. The suspects, two hooded Moroccan men, had allegedly assaulted another young woman earlier.

Only under exceptional circumstances are people outside the force honoured for acts or behaviours related to policing duties. The Malaga council spokesperson, Elisa Pérez de Siles, said: “The truth is that this young man has a lot of merit. He made a crucial intervention, which prevented the young woman from suffering irreparable injury.”

As SUR reported previously, the incident occurred in the early hours of Sunday 28 January. The victim, Maria, had passed the two suspects just moments earlier in a taxi.

"These two look very bad, be careful," the driver had warned her. "I was a minute away from my flat, so I decided to get off at Vialia so that the taxi driver could take my friend to her door," she said. The 28-year-old's friend told Maria to walk quickly and not hang up the phone until she arrived home, but the two men approached her rapidly.

Despite a rowdy work party that ended at 5am, Maria had not drunk any alcohol. "I was fully conscious and strong. That helped me to stand up to them and struggle," she said. The attackers hid their faces with a balaclava and "one of them, very cocky, grabbed my arm and started saying: 'come here, come here'," and tried to pull her towards a doorway on Calle Cuarteles.

That's when a large black van appeared and Maria thought she was going to be abducted. "I saw that the door was open and that it was only occupied by the driver. I took a gamble and ran towards it," she said. Once inside, she heard the driver was phoning the police "and I closed the door and called my friend".

The driver, Adrián, was about to finish his shift when he noticed the woman in trouble. Adrian locked the vehicle and followed the suspects while giving their position to police who arrived quickly and arrested them next to the Cercanías commuter train station near Calle Alemania. "They confronted the officers as if it was nothing and said that it wasn't them," Maria said. The two Moroccan men are being held in custody until their case comes to court.

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