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Netflix starts casting in Malaga for season two of The Snow Girl

Netflix starts casting in Malaga for season two of The Snow Girl

Actors are wanted to play roles in the streaming giant's adaptation of the sequel bestseller novel by Javier Castillo, The Game of the Soul, and filming will get under way next January

Francisco Griñán


Monday, 2 October 2023, 13:28

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Netflix cameras are returning to Malaga again for season two of The Snow Girl, the world-famous story about the disappearance of a little girl, Amaya, during the Three Kings parade.

Filming will get under way next January which adapts the second part of the trilogy written by Malaga novelist Javier Castillo: The Game of the Soul. Malaga city will be the setting, instead of New York, which is the location used in the books.

Since a second season was announced last March, Javier Castillo has been working on the adaptation with scriptwriters Jesús Mesas and Javier Andrés Roig to continue the story of Diario SUR reporter Miren Rojo - played by Milena Smit - who has become a writer in this sequel, although without losing her journalistic instinct.

Casting is already under way, initially aimed at Andalusian actors, male and female, from 16 to 80 years old and Mexican actresses living in Spain and aged between 59 and 75.

The Snow Girl was the best-selling novel of the pandemic in Spain in 2020, and that success has now resulted in the book being translated and published in the United States and France. Just on Saturday 30 September in Perpignan, Javier Castillo picked up a literary prize for the best foreign novel.

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