Building work will end in June / SUR

Malaga's 45-million-euro H10 hotel due to be completed in June

The city centre hotel has been designed by 84-year-old architect Rafael Moneo


After almost 20 years of procedures and controversies, the Hoyo de Esparteros area has only a few more months to wait before work on the Moneo Hotel will be complete. The 45 million euros development is almost finished. The eight-storey building faced some criticism, but its design is in line with planning laws.

The hotel’s owners, H10, say the deadline for the completion of works is in June.

“One of the two construction cranes has already been dismantled but the scaffolding that covers the hotel will still be there for about three more months because they are working on the façades, finishing the special coating and tile cladding on the walls of the terraces,” a source said. The car park and storage rooms are almost complete. The car park has room for 171 vehicles.

Four-star hotel with 138 rooms

At 84-years-old, Rafael Moneo visits the site frequently and personally directs the work carried out by Constructora San José. The four-star hotel with 138 rooms has a city centre location.

H10 has also already completed the structure of the building and will reproduce the façade of La Mundial re-using the ironwork in its windows. A pedestrian plaza will be at the rear of the hotel.