The Mayor of Malaga presided over the official opening of the offices. Salvador Salas
Mercedes-Benz fires up the engines at its new technology hub in Malaga and it's recruiting staff

Mercedes-Benz fires up the engines at its new technology hub in Malaga and it's recruiting staff

The company has opened an office suite in the pedestrianised Calle Larios in the heart of the city and it is expected to employ around 60 workers

Nuria Triguero


Friday, 5 July 2024, 19:07

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Mercedes-Benz Group Services Madrid has cut the ribbon marking its arrival in Malaga. However, the German company has not settled for just any old location: its new tech hub is in Malaga city's prime shopping street, the pedestrianised Calle Larios. This office suite will be staffed by 60 employees who will work on cybersecurity projects, software for the sales and after-sales department, data analytics and artificial intelligence, among other tech work.

The office opening was celebrated with the first ten staff joining the Mercedes-Benz ranks. The rest of the new recruits will join them in the coming months once the selection process is complete, which is now open for recruitment. "We are committed to Malaga knowing that it is a place where we can find talent for our company's growth," said Juan Guerrero, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Group Services Madrid. They are looking for a wide variety of job profiles: software developers, data engineers, cybersecurity consultants and cloud engineers (both to build and maintain), among others.

The office space itself, which covers almost 450 square metres, has 30 permanent workstations and a capacity for up to 60 employees thanks to the company's hybrid model of on-site and remote working. This is the first time that Mercedes-Benz Group Services Madrid has opened a branch outside the Spanish capital. And it is doing so in Malaga, which, according to senior manager Paolo De Ambrosis, "we have identified as the Silicon Valley in Europe." Malaga is a city that piques their interest because "it has a lot of local talent, but it also has a lot of imported talent, as the quality of life in Malaga is super good and all this creates a multicultural and multilingual environment, which is another thing we are looking for", he added.

Most famous German brand known

Being the most famous German brand known in Spain, the multinational's presence in Malaga was bound to attract attention. The official opening of the office suite was attended by a large group of dignitaries led by the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre. De la Torre congratulated the company and thanked them for their commitment to "local talent", which no longer has to "go abroad to find quality work" as "was the case twenty years ago". He was joined by Alicia Izquierdo and Trinidad Hernández (councillors for Innovation and Mobility respectively), Carmen Sánchez (provincial delegate in regional government for Employment) and Raúl Jiménez (director of Andalucía's Digital Agency, part of the Junta). Other attendees included Enrique Márquez (vice-rector of Transfer, Business and Digital Transformation at UMA (University of Malaga)), Felipe Romera (director of Malaga TechPark), plus other companies' executives such as Dekra (also a German company globally managing ITV vehicle testing) and FMIT (another tech company). The German luxury car company was represented by Bernd Rumscheid, director of IT Group Functions Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Juan Guerrero, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Group Services Madrid and senior managers Paolo De Ambrosis and Alan Gradidge.

Bernd Rumscheid explained why an automotive manufacturer like Mercedes-Benz is opening software development offices: "Our industry is undergoing a transformation like we have never seen before. The electrification of our products, the connection of vehicles to the internet, the digitalisation of processes and new digital services for customers. There are ever faster innovation cycles, also on the part of our competitors. Mercedes has always been a pioneer of new technologies and has brought many important innovations to the automobile. Now software is becoming increasingly important to us, both in our business processes and in our products. For example, we are developing our own operating system for our cars, to offer our customers the best possible interaction with the car. To meet these challenges, we have technology centres in various locations around the world. Malaga is our new location and I am convinced that here we will be able to attract many new talents for our innovative topics."

Mercedes-Benz Group Services

Mercedes-Benz Group Services Madrid is a company that was created almost twenty years ago (2006 to be precise) to "cover digitalisation processes, process improvement and execution of operations at an international level from Spain, taking advantage of globalisation trends that allow multinational companies to concentrate activities and relocate them to certain points", stated Guerrero.

This subsidiary now employs 1,000 people in three divisions. The first is finance and accounting, which is responsible for the design of processes and the execution of operations for many of Mercedes-Benz's commercial subsidiaries around the world. Secondly, customer service operations for the company's financial products for Europe and, finally, the "division that brings us here, which is booming: IT and technology solutions. It is a division that works from within Spain for different areas of Mercedes, from the development of product software to the implementation of IT systems for accounting and commercial management," said the CEO.

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