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Malaga tightens control over the fair: these are the changes to the casetas on the fairgrounds
Feria de Agosto

Malaga tightens controls at its huge August fair: these are the main changes coming to the fairgrounds

Among other measures, the regulations establish setting up family, youth and commercial zones (where access to minors will be limited), alongside a traditional area and an alcohol-free zone for younger people

Jesús Hinojosa

Friday, 26 April 2024, 17:36


Malaga city hall is tightening its control over the huge Feria de Agosto (August fair) with a new regulation that was initially approved last Friday.

The usual practice of many of the 'casetas' in the Cortijo de Torres area being sublet in their entirety to hospitality businesses by the entities that are authorised to operate them will have new limits to be able to do so.

Councillor for fiestas Teresa Porras explained that the new regulations, some of which could be applied at this year's fair, mean that the commercial name of each caseta must coincide with that of the entity maintaining it. In addition, family-run casetas will have to have a kitchen service until one o'clock in the morning, and a space for chairs and tables of at least 50 per cent of the area of the caseta, which can be removed after two o'clock in the morning. According to the councillor, the bar of each caseta can continue to be sublet, but must comply with these new conditions.

In addition, the new regulation regulates a general model for the entire fairground, and establishes several zones in Cortijo de Torres: family zone, youth and commercial zone (where access to minors will be limited), traditional zone (flamenco, copla, seniors and protocol), horse boxes zone and youth zone without alcohol. According to Porras, there are entities interested in setting up this type of alcohol-free areas to accommodate a younger public who also want to enjoy the fair.

New tax rate

The application period for authorisations to operate casetas at this year's fair is currently open, but, from next year, with the new regulations in place, it will open in February. In addition, Porras has announced that the initiative to approve a tax rate will be taken up again, whereby the provincial council will charge for the use of the casetas. Currently, they are free of charge, as only a deposit is paid, which is returned to the authorised entity if it complies with the conditions of the contract.

This measure, which was considered in 2018 but was not approved, is going to be taken up again by the municipal authority for next year's fair by approving a specific fee that will differ depending on the duration. From 2025, it will be possible to request a caseta for a single year or for a period of four years. According to what was originally discussed in 2018, these fees could range from 570 to 1,700 euros, although the social clubs and non-profit organisations would only have to pay half.

Likewise, the changes of the rules have been adapted to include new state regulations regarding animal welfare and protection. This includes a ban on the hire of horses for pleasure rides, an activity that may be carried out by licensed municipal horse owners.

In addition, the penalties for casetas that do not comply with the new regulations have been reinforced. This includes closure for 24 hours if they do not remedy the non-compliance detected, or even up to 48 hours for very serious infringements. These penalties will also be extended to establishments in the city centre.

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