Noise from tourist apartments is a frequent cause of complaint in Malaga. sur
Malaga calls on Junta to make noise monitors compulsory in holiday rental properties

Malaga calls on Junta to make noise monitors compulsory in holiday rental properties

The city council has made several suggestions for the new decree which the regional government is drawing up because of the boom in tourist accommodation in recent years

Jesús Hinojosa


Monday, 16 May 2022, 11:23


The Junta de Andalucía is currently drawing up new regulations for holiday rental properties, a sector which has grown exponentially in recent years, and Malaga council has taken advantage of the period when suggestions can be made to ask for sound level monitors in tourist accommodation to be made compulsory.

The local authority says noise from holiday-makers is a frequent cause of complaint among residents, and no property should be permitted to be registered for tourism purposes unless it can prove that a sound level monitor has been fitted.

This is just one suggestion from Malaga. Others include a specific document or council certificate to confirm that holiday lets meet the requirements of ventilation, lighting and accessibility, because the council believes the documentation the Junta currently requires is insufficient and obsolete in many cases.

Obligatory ventilation

With regard to ventilation, the council believes that properties should only be licenced for tourism if the bedrooms have opening windows. The Junta does insist on this under normal circumstances but makes an exception if it is impossible because the building is architecturally protected and cannot be modified.

Malaga also wants everyone who rents a holiday apartment or house to be made aware of the rules regarding noise, rubbish collection, drying facilities for washing, etc. and for the new decree to consider ceiling fans and radiators a suitable way to cool or heat rental properties, to avoid an excessive number of air conditioning units on the exteriors of buildings.

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