Large iguana captured in same local area where two exotic snakes have recently been found

The one-metre-long reptile was taken into care but it died due to its poor state of health. Police are trying to determine who is abandoning the animals, and warn they could face a hefty fine if caught



Tuesday, 31 January 2023


Local Police officers in Malaga have captured a third reptile in the Bailén-Miraflores area of the city in just a few weeks.

An iguana, more than one metre in length and weighing about 6.5 kilograms was spotted a few days ago by a resident in a green area located next to Calle Albacete, specifically between Avenida Valle Inclán and Calle Genoveses, who notified a vet. In turn, they informed the Local Police's nature protection unit in Malaga, who safely took charge of the animal and put it in a carrier, after which staff of the Municipal Animal Protection Centre transferred it to their premises.

Once it arrived there, it was given the appropriate care, but nothing could be done to save its life, and it died some days later due to his poor state of health.


This is the third reptile captured in recent weeks by the Local Police in the same area of ​​Malaga. The iguana was found around 500 metres away from the place where two snakes were recovered along with containers, the first one in a bag that a woman unknowingly took home and the second, just a few days later, in a transparent storage box.

The Local Police force is working to discover who is abandoning the reptiles because, if caught, they could face a fine of between 2,001 and 30,000 euros

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