The metre-long corn snake.
Second pet snake found in same Malaga area within a week

Second pet snake found in same Malaga area within a week

The Local Police force is trying to discover who is abandoning the snakes because, if caught, they could face a fine of between 2,001 and 30,000 euros



Friday, 27 January 2023, 11:55


The Nature Protection Group (Gruprona) of the Local Police in Malaga has opened an investigation to try and identify who is abandoning snakes in the Bailén-Miraflores district of the city.

It comes after a second snake has been recovered next to the same refuse containers in which a Florida king snake was found just a week ago. On that occasion, a local resident unknowingly took the animal into her home after picking up a bag next to the containers. After opening the bag in her flat she called in the Local Police for assistance.

The second reptile recovered is a one-metre long corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus). It was found inside a transparent storage box used as a terrarium. As in the previous case, after being recovered by Gruprona officers, it was transferred to the municipal Zoosanitary Centre to find a home for it.

The Local Police force said out that both species are popular in the pet market due to their calm behaviour and the fact that they are neither poisonous nor dangerous. However, they point out that possible escapes due to carelessness or the release of specimens on the public highway cause "their proliferation in some parts of Spain, representing a serious problem for the environmental ecosystem, as they lack natural enemies and once they adapt to the environment they compete with other autochthonous species which they displace".

Article 38 of the Animal Protection Law in Andalucía includes the abandonment of animals as a very serious offence, punishable by a fine of between 2,001 and 30,000 euros.

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