Husband of woman found dead in Malaga tourist flat claims they were role-playing a rape sex scene

Husband of woman found dead in Malaga tourist flat claims they were role-playing a rape sex scene

The American, currently in prison, claimed they had been drinking all night and that his wife's death was accidental

Juan Cano


Friday, 12 April 2024, 15:43


The husband of the American woman found dead in a tourist flat in the centre of Malaga city has told police that she died during a sex game, when they were attempting to role-play a rape.

The American tourist, on holiday with his wife, was arrested on Monday over suspicion of her death. He rushed out into Plaza de Camas to ask for help about 5.30am on 6 April saying his wife was unconscious and unresponsive. Paramedics sent to the scene tried to revive her, but the 43-year-old woman, also American, was dead.

Doctors referred the case to the courts as they were unable to certify the cause of death. The couplehad been drinking, including tequila shots, all night, with the woman also apparently consuming drugs, the husband told police at the scene. They then started to have sex and played sex games, he claimed. However, the autopsy results showed signs the woman had died by strangulation. National Police arrested him on suspicion of homicide.

The man went before the court and was remanded in custody without bail. Investigators are now trying to piece together the pair's life. Although she was also a US citizen, she had moved some time ago to Valencia, where she was currently living. He was still living in Texas, but travelled to Spain to spend a few days on holiday with his wife in Malaga. The couple had two children, both apparently of adult age.

The magistrate deferred the case to be investigated by a special court for violence against women. The investigation will need to clarify whether the strangulation took place accidentally during the alleged sexual game, or whether it was deliberate.

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