Malaga city wins Family Tourism award in a first for an Andalusian capital

Malaga city wins Family Tourism award in a first for an Andalusian capital

The award recognises destinations whose tourism offerings most meet families' needs


Wednesday, 27 July 2022, 12:21


Malaga has become the first provincial capital city in Andalucía in the category of urban destination to receive the Family Tourism award, a distinction that the Spanish Federation of Large Families awards to companies and destinations whose tourism offer responds to the needs of families, whether large or not, and which is approved by the government of Spain, through the ministry of Trade and Tourism.

The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, 26 July, in the Patio de Banderas of Malaga city hall, and was attended by the councillor for Tourism, Jacobo Florido, and the president of the Spanish Federation of Large Families, José Manuel Trigo.

Florido said he was delighted to receive the award. "The Family Tourism award endorses us as a segmented destination, friendly and able to adapt to the needs and desires of family tourism. We know that travelling with families requires extra planning in terms of reservations and the search for leisure activities. That is why we empathise and work towards a destination of excellence that offers solutions," Florido said.

Trigo highlighted Malaga as "a city that families should include in their holiday destinations because it offers a wide range of leisure possibilities, good weather, gastronomy, cultural offerings, etc.".

Malaga thus becomes the first city in Andalusia to obtain the Family Tourism award in the urban destination category, one of the four categories of recognised destinations. The other five Andalusian destinations awarded (Torremolinos, Vera, Mojácar, Villanueva del Duque and Lubrín) are classified in the categories of sea or mountain destinations. On a national level, destinations such as Ibiza have been certified.

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