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Church authorities plan to ask public to donate towards the cost of Malaga cathedral’s new roof

Church authorities plan to ask public to donate towards the cost of Malaga cathedral’s new roof

The diocese still has to choose the construction company and raise the necessary funds, so it will be several months before the works can begin

Jesús Hinojosa


Wednesday, 24 August 2022, 11:49


Although Malaga city council issued the works licence for the new cathedral roof extremely quickly, it will still be several months before the works can begin. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Church authorities said they have yet to choose the company to carry out the construction, and will be asking several companies for quotes. This could take some time, because the businesses will have to study the plans in great detail before drawing up their quote.

The statement also referred to financing for the project, which is going to cost over ten million euros. This is far beyond the ordinary budget of the diocese, so other ways of raising the funds are having to be considered.

The cathedral authorities will contribute part of the cost, as will public institutions such as the Spanish government, the Junta de Andalucía, the Malaga provincial authority and Malaga council, and it is hoped that private institutions will help to make up the difference.

Well-wishers can also play their part. The diocese is planning to start a fund-raising campaign and ask for donations, similar to the one set up by former mayor Celia Villalobos in the 1990s, when she called on local people to ‘Save The Cathedral’.

Church sources insist that the cathedral is a place of worship and a historic monument, so it is only right for the authorities, institutions and members of the public to work together to make the much-needed new roof possible.

They have also expressed their gratitude to Malaga city hall for the speed at which it processed the works licence for the catedral roof. “Although it has taken a long time to get to this stage, we are grateful to the council, and especially the mayor, Francisco de la Torre, for their interest, availability and support,” they said.

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