This is what the cathedral will look like with its new roof. sur
Works licence for Malaga cathedral roof has been issued in record time

Works licence for Malaga cathedral roof has been issued in record time

The Church authorities will now be able to go ahead with the ten-million-euro project whenever they like

Jesús Hinojosa


Tuesday, 23 August 2022, 18:15


Malaga city council has issued the works licence for the new roof for the Cathedral in record time. The mayor, Francisco de la Torre, posted on his Twitter account on Tuesday that the application was made by the Church authorities on 4 August and the city's Town Planning department has already given the authorisation for the works to go ahead.

The speedy response was possible thanks to meetings held in June with council technicians which enabled them to issue their reports and it has meant that some reports which would normally take weeks or months were obtained within a matter of days.

The plans for the gabled roof have been drawn up by architects Juan Manuel Sánchez La Chica and Adolfo de la Torre Prieto, and it will put an end to problems of damp and leaks which the cathedral has suffered for decades.

The new roof will cost around ten million euros and the Church authorities are hoping for financial support from local institutions and businesses to fund it. The gabled roof will have a laminated wood and steel structure which can be visited inside and out, and the exterior will be covered in ceramic tiles in honey and cream colours, similar to the roofs of the Sagrario church and episcopal palace.

The project also includes new roofs for the side chapels and sacristy and the entire drainage system will be repaired and improved. There will also be a balustrade around the perimeter of the upper roof of the basilica, as designed by plans drawn up in the 18th century.


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