Payment by credit card will be extended to almost all EMT buses. / ÑITO SALAS

Travelling on Malaga's EMT buses could be up to 40% cheaper from September

The City Council plans to take advantage of the Government's decree of measures against inflation, which could mean the current ten-use multi-journey travel card costing 8.40 euros, would be just 5.46


Malaga's EMT company is to benefit from the central government's discount on public transport from September.

Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga, announced on Wednesday, 20 July, that he has given instructions for the Malaga transport company to take advantage of the funds to be provided by the Executive, with the aim of giving a minimum reduction of 30 per cent on tickets.

"We are studying this issue in depth, we are going to ask [the central government] for it immediately, what's more, we don't want to stay at 30 per cent, but go a little further, in some cases it will be close to 40 per cent," De la Torre said.

This measure will come into effect from 1 September until the end of the year, and will only apply to season tickets, not single tickets. The mayor could not yet give a figure for the new prices, but insisted that the reduction will be "a little over 30 per cent and as close as possible to 40 per cent". With this data, SUR has made an unofficial calculation of what the new estimated fares will be like, if an average discount of 35 per cent is used.

The current ten-use multi-journey travel card costing 8.40 euros, would be 5.46 euros; the student card would go from 27 to 17.55 euros; the monthly card, at 39.95 euros, would be 25.96 euros. As for pensioners, those on the highest rate who currently pay 27 euros would pay 17.55 euros; and those on the lowest income, who currently pay 10 euros would pay 6.50 euros.

Payment by credit cardCurrent use of the EMT network is 80-85 per cent, versus pre-pandemic figures. In order to encourage more users, payment at 95 per cent of the fleet of city buses in the capital can be paid with a Mastercard or Visa card, both physically and by mobile phone. Soon the fleet will have 100 per cent coverage and American Express cards will also be accepted for payment.