Miguel Herrán, in a scene from Los Farad. Amazon Prime Video

Watch the preview: Major streaming platform series set on the Costa del Sol in the '80s has a release date

Malaga-born actor Miguel Herrán stars in Los Farad, a production about luxury lifestyles and arms trafficking which is set in Marbella

Francisco Griñán


Monday, 9 October 2023, 16:15


Last week, filming began on the new television series Eva y Nicole, which revisits the glamorous and frivolous Marbella of the 1980s, while on Thursday 5 October Amazon Prime Video announced a date for the premiere of the eagerly awaited Los Farad episodes, which cover the same period on the Costa del Sol. The latter focuses on the corruption and shady dealings that were hidden under the gloss of parties and high-end cars. The series is directed by filmmaker Mariano Barroso ('La línea invisible') and tells the story of a family dedicated to arms trafficking and whose patriarch is reminiscent of the famous jet-setter, Adnan Khashoggi. It will be shown from 12 December.

The premiere date has arrived with the awaited teaser of the series though this reveals very few scenes from Marbella, as the film was shot mostly in Madrid, as well as Almuñecar and Malaga. What the images do show is the starring role of the popular actor from Fuengirola, Miguel Herrán, as well as Pedro Casablanc with a Spanish-style take on The Godfather, marrying his daughter as in the opening scene of Coppola's film. This inspiration is supported by the promotional phrase 'Family is the most dangerous weapon', with the head of the clan declaring that he is dedicated to arms trafficking but that the business is "all legal".

This unique family of criminals includes Oskar (Herrán), a boy who dreams of setting up a gym, but after meeting the eldest daughter of Los Farad, Sara (Susana Abaitua), he marries her and enters the dark side of the Costa del Sol. The cast also includes Nora Navas (Pa Negre), Adam Jeziersky (Física o química), Amparo Piñero (Dos vidas) and Fernando Tejero (Aquí no hay quien Viva, and Modelo 77), among others.

While Puerto Banús was recreated in the marina of Almuñécar, Mariano Barroso and his team filmed some sequences in the famous Marbella Club Hotel. And the sequences of a shoot-out and escape by car in a resort and casino on the Côte d'Azur were recreated in Malaga city. At the moment, these scenes do not appear in the first preview of the series.

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