Ten dead dolphins have been found along the coast in January / SUR

Investigation into dolphin deaths on the Costa del Sol opened

Ten dead dolphins have been washed ashore in just one month. Investigators want to know why


Experts have opened an investigation into why 10 dolphins have washed up on Costa del Sol beaches in January. Samples from the dead dolphins have been collected for further examination with the aim of determining the cause of death.

José Luis Mons, director of the Centre for the Recovery of Endangered Marine Species (CREMA) of the Aula del Mar, said of the 10 corpses only six were suitable for collecting tissue from because they had not rotted beyond use.

The dolphins join a fin whale that washed up in Estepona and a dead loggerhead turtle found elsewhere on the coast in January.

"Sometimes peaks like this coincide, a few years ago six pilot whales arrived between December and January. But in situations like this we have to sound the alarm,” Mons said.

The expert added recent strong winds and stormy conditions may be behind the grim haul on the coastline.

"There are streaks in which there are two weeks of madness, and others in which nothing appears, but the samples have been collected and the autopsies are being carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment in case there is a common cause. In Estepona there has been the coincidence of the whale and shortly after a dolphin which has caused alarm, ” he said.

The strandings have been widely distributed along the Costa del Sol. There were two in Estepona; three in the capital; two in Torrox and one in Marbella, Benalmádena and Nerja.