Hospitality workers on the Costa set to get 11.5% pay increase under new deal

Hospitality workers on the Costa set to get 11.5% pay increase under new deal

The collective bargaining agreement between employers and the unions guarantees wage increases until December 2027

Juan Soto


Wednesday, 1 November 2023, 11:09

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Hospitality workers on the Costa del Sol and across Malaga province will receive 11.5% more in their pay packets over the coming years after employers and trade unions reached a new agreement.

The deal guarantees workers in the sector at least an 11.5% increase until 31 December 2027, when the collective agreement is up for negotiation again. The new wage deal will start from the current financial year 2023 and up to and including 2027.

The deal references the consumer price index (CPI) in Spain but with guaranteed minimums and capped maximums. The objective is to combine union demands with the protection of companies against possible excessive increases, as has happened in the past year.

As a result, a salary increase referenced to the real CPI has been set for 2023, but with a minimum of 2.5% if it is lower and a maximum of 3.7% if it is higher. Regarding the years 2024 and 2025, a minimum increase of 2.5% and a maximum of 4% will be applied in each of them (always in relation to the real CPI). For 2026 and 2027, salary increases have been agreed on the previous year of a minimum of 2% and a maximum of 3%, again with the reference to the real CPI.

All of the increases will be applied to all of the remuneration items in the Malaga provincial hotel and catering agreement, such as meals, travelling distance bonus, clothing and holiday allowance.

Training of workers

In addition to pay rises, it has also been agreed between employers and trade unions to set up a technical committee to invest in employee training.

Efforts will also be made to incentivise the hospitality sector, and the professional accreditation of workers will also be promoted as a guarantee of professional development.

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