Heavy rain fell in Malaga city on Sunday. ...
Sunday’s heavy rain stabilises the water reserves on the Costa del Sol

Sunday’s heavy rain stabilises the water reserves on the Costa del Sol

Ojén, near Marbella, registered 39mm of rainfall in a day, helping to slow the drop in the reservoir levels in Malaga province

Jesús Hinojosa


Monday, 22 May 2023, 10:31


The rainfall registered on Sunday in Malaga city, along a good part of the Costa del Sol and in the Guadalhorce areas helped stabilise the situation in many of the province’s reservoirs that are suffering from a prolonged drought situation.

This was confirmed by data recorded by the rain gauge in the town of Ojén, near Marbella, which at 7pm on Sunday showed accumulated rainfall of 39.4mm in a 24-hour period. This rain has helped slowed down - for one day at least - the progressive drop in the water levels in the province’s reservoirs, but it has not served to increase the reserves.

The La Concepción reservoir, which registered rainfall of 12.8mm, managed to maintain the same level with which the day began, 41.73 cubic hectometres, according to the data recorded at 7pm.

The Guadalhorce area also benefited from the rain. The Guadalteba reservoir also maintained the storage level of the previous morning (72.35 cubic hectometres), with 12.3mm falling in 24 hours. And the Conde del Guadalhorce reservoir, which returned to the dammed water level of Saturday night with 17.17 cubic hectometres, some 10.5mm were recorded. In the Guadalhorce reservoir, the stored water level also stabilised, specifically with 39.72 cubic hectometres.

In Malaga city, 19.1mm were registered in the Limonero reservoir in 24 hours, although its level of stored water barely increased. Likewise, the rain gauge on the Paseo de la Farola has measured an accumulation of 12.7mm. The Casasola reservoir, in the municipality of Almogía, registered 19.9mm accumulated in 24 hours, but there has hardly been an increase in its storage levels.

In the Axarquía area, at the La Viñuela reservoir, 11.1mm were registered by 7pm on Sunday, but its level has hardly changed.

Aemet, Spain’s state weather agency expects this rainfall situation with occasional storms to remain active in Malaga province until Tuesday, so there is still an opportunity that this rainy period will serve to improve the complicated situation in many of the reservoirs.

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