People out in the rain in Malaga on Sunday. Marilú Báez
More much-needed rain on the way to south of Spain at the start of this week

More much-needed rain on the way to south of Spain at the start of this week

The Dana weather system that has left significant downpours in many areas is likely to bring more storms to the Andalucía region until at least Wednesday

Enrique Miranda / Europa Press


Monday, 22 May 2023, 08:19


The weather system that left significant rain across a large part of Andalucía during the second part of last week will continue to generate downpours in a large part of the region, including Malaga province, at least until Wednesday.

The Dana – an isolated high level depression – is the result of the collision of a mass of cold air at high altitudes with warm air from the surface and that usually gives rise to downpours and storms.

If the rains of recent days have helped to stabilise the water reserves of the Costa del Sol and the Guadalhorce, more water is expected in the coming hours, although less intense than on Sunday. The Dana is moving and weakening towards the east of the Spanish mainland, but it will still leave rain in several provinces, which can locally be strong. The rains, storms and rough seas waves will put the extreme north and southeast of the country at significant risk (amber alert) and risk (yellow warning) this Monday, on a day marked by cloudy skies in the rest of the country, according to the forecast from the state weather agency, Aemet.

Data: Aemet Graphic: SUR

In general, Aemet is forecasting cloudy or covered skies with rain and showers throughout the extreme north of the mainland, and with showers and storms that can be locally strong and with hail in Catalonia, Andalucía, Murcia, the extreme southeast of Castilla-La Mancha and southern half of the Valencian community, and even very strong in the eastern end of Andalucía and southern Murcia.

Weather alerts for Monday, 22 May 2023. Aemet

In Andalucía, Granada province will have yellow weather alerts in place until midnight for up to 20mm of rainfall in one hour and the risk of thunderstorms. Meanwhile, Almeria province will be placed under an amber alert (significant risk) for heavy rain - up to 30mm in one hour along with thunderstorms and rough seas, also until midnight.




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