The Mayor of Pizarra (second left) signs new agreement with the Alhaurín el Grande cancer charity. / SUR

The Yes for Life association will offer care to cancer patients and their families in Pizarra

The town hall has signed a collaborative agreement with the group and will offer municipal spaces to provide these services


The Alhaurín el Grande-based organisation, Un Si Por La Vida – Unidos Contra El Cáncer (A Yes for Life-United Against Cancer), has signed a new agreement with Pizarra town hall that will enable residents of the municipality to access the services the association offers to cancer patients and their families.

The agreement was signed by the Mayor of Pizarra, Félix Lozano, councillor for Social Welfare, María Cordero, and representatives from the group, Santiago Sánchez and Lorena Cazorla.

Under the agreement, the town hall undertakes to refer people with cancer to the charity, and also to offer municipal spaces to be used for the care and treatment of the patients.

As detailed in the agreement, the association, which was founded in 2014, will offer multidisciplinary care aimed at improving the lives of cancer patients and their families. These services will include psychological care, specialised physiotherapy, nutritional guidance, the loan of orthopaedic apparatus and a wig bank.

Likewise, the council will collaborate with the dissemination of activities, information campaigns and health promotion related to cancer pathology.