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Four arrested for stealing from homes in Pizarra and selling stolen jewellery on the black market

Operation Abelcash began at the end of last year after reports of the thefts


Guardia Civil officers have arrested four people for allegedly stealing money and jewellery from houses in Pizarra in the Guadalhorce valley and selling the stolen goods on the black market and to commercial establishments trading in gold.

Operation Abelcash investigated four individuals, residents of Pizarra and Malaga city, for their roles in the robberies. The thieves took cash and jewellery and would sell it to shops such as Compro Oro and on the black market.

Officers arrested the four suspects and recovered the stolen jewellery, returning the pieces to their rightful owners. Officers recovered other valuable items and cash made from the sale of stolen jewellery. According to a statement from the Guardia Civil, the operation involved officers from Pizarra and Álora.