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Family left devastated after the theft of their six dogs in Malaga town: 'They've torn us apart'
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Family left devastated after the theft of their six dogs in Malaga town: 'They've torn us apart'

Thieves gained access to the land in Monda by breaking the fence; and according to the owner, went straight for the animals without stealing anything else from the property

Irene Quirante


Monday, 15 April 2024, 14:32


The passing of time is yet to lighten the grief of José Manuel and his daughter Pilar. The theft of their six podenco dogs has left them "torn apart inside", the father told SUR. The incident happened in the early hours of 4 April, when thieves took advantage of there being no one home at their property in Monda and stole their beloved animals. They reported the theft the following morning to the Guardia Civil.

The thieves did not even go in the house, José Manuel pointed out. "They went straight for the dogs; they broke the fence to enter the property and forced the door of the kennels," he said. Once inside, José Manuel continued, they smashed the padlocks of the cages in which the dogs were sleeping.

The loss of Nina, Canela, Luna, Calima, Lucero and Billy, who are between three and 14 years old, has been a crushing blow to the family. "For my daughter, who is not going through a good moment, they are her life," José Manuel said, adding that four of the stolen dogs had microchips. "They will probably take them out to sell them," he added.

On the night of the robbery there was no one at the farm as José Manuel was staying overnight in Marbella, as he is receiving treatment for a knee injury. He found out the next morning when he arrived and saw six of the family's eight podencos had been stolen. "I would have preferred it if they had taken anything else," he said.

José Manuel is convinced it was a planned robbery, since, according to him, the property where they are located is in an area with difficult access and nothing else was taken. He knows it took place at night as a neighbour heard noises, although at the time they thought no more of it.

"They are dogs that are used for hunting; I am registered in a hunting reserve but I don't even have a shotgun, what I liked was to take them for walks," said José Manuel, who suffered a similar theft several years ago on the same farm. "I never saw those dogs again; I was also infinitely fond of them," he said.

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