Rock fall damage on the Caminito del Rey. SUR
Caminito del Rey suspended walkway tourist attraction closed after rock falls

Caminito del Rey suspended walkway tourist attraction closed after rock falls

The heavy rains have led to landslides which damaged a 20-metre section of the famous gorge walkway in Malaga province



Tuesday, 13 December 2022


Malaga province’s Caminito del Rey suspended walkway route has been closed after several landslides caused significant damage to the famous visitor attraction that runs through a gorge.

According to the official website, the tourist attraction will remain closed from 13 to 15 December, since it is necessary to repair about 20 metres of the wooden walkway at the beginning of the route, through the northern access.

SUR has learned the rains of the last few days caused some rock falls late on Monday night. Because it was closed to the public at the time, there have been no reports of personal injury.

The inspection and strengthening of the slope where the landslides have occurred and the repair of the platforms will continue for three days.

Technicians from the Caminito del Rey UTE - the company in charge of managing the route - and from the Malaga provincial authority said that the damage was not caused by falling stones on that section of the walkway. In fact, the Caminito has protection meshes on all the slopes where landslides can occur.

The problem was caused by a landslide on a slope facing the route through which the Caminito runs. Since it is one of the narrowest points on the walk the rock fall also affected part of the walkways.

Climbing specialists will now inspect the anchors, brackets (support lines of the walkways) and boards will be replaced to restore the affected section, in addition to repairing the fibre optic cabling for the attraction’s security cameras.

Heavy rain

The president of the Malaga provincial authority, Francisco Salado, reassured that a safety review of the Caminito is carried out every week. He said that on this occasion the landslides occurred due to natural causes, as a result of the rains of the last few days, which have caused the instability of the slope opposite the Caminito’s walkway.

Salado highlighted the "speed" with which the incident was detected and its solution has been implemented. He also thanked the companies and town halls in the area for their collaboration in quickly obtaining the necessary materials to replace the 20-metre walkways that have been affected.

Health and safety

The president of the Diputación also stressed that the Caminito del Rey has a comprehensive health and safety management board, whose members have met this morning to assess the damage and address the repair of the damage as quickly as possible to to be able to proceed with the reopening of the Caminito.

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