View of the walkway. A. JIMÉNEZ
Caminito del Rey gorge walk closed due to high winds

Caminito del Rey gorge walk closed due to high winds

For safety reasons, scheduled visits to the famous tourist attraction in Malaga province have been suspended today


Friday, 10 February 2023, 14:47


According to the official website of Malaga province's famous tourist attraction, the popular suspended walkway will remain closed on 10 February due to 'bad weather' in order to ensure maximum safety for visitors.

In cases such as this, when the path is temporarily closed due to rain or wind storms, the company refunds the full amount of the tickets purchased and offers the possibility of changing the visit to another day.

On 3 February, the Caminito del Rey was restored to its full route after the section damaged by rock falls on 12 December was repaired. After a month and a half of work, the replacement of 113 metres of footbridge was completed, allowing the northern access, via Ardales, to be reopened.

When weather alerts are issued, such as those in place for the weekend, the management team of the gorge walk evaluates them and determines whether to proceed with the total or partial closure of visits.


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