Some of the costumes that are bound for the States. SUR
Alhaurín de la Torre sends flamenco frocks to US festival

Alhaurín de la Torre sends flamenco frocks to US festival

The Guadalhorce valley town is twinned with the Louisiana city of Nueva Iberia which was founded by people from Malaga province

José Rodríguez Cámara

Alhaurín de la Torre

Friday, 9 February 2024, 18:16

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Twenty-four residents of Alhaurín de la Torre and five from Vélez-Málaga have donated typical Andalusian clothing that can be worn at the upcoming Spanish Festival of Nueva Iberia. The American city was founded by people from Malaga and Alhaurín in 1779, and the Malaga municipality is now twinned with Nueva Iberia, which is in Louisiana.

In total, 75 flamenco outfits were donated, consisting of 66 dresses, 4 skirts, 3 shawls, 1 apron, and 1 suit, as well as 97 flowers to be worn as headpieces, contributed by groups such as the local women's association and the Viñagrande neighbourhood association, among others. Several people have also donated accessories including ornamental hair combs ('peinetas'), necklaces, and earrings, which match the traditional clothes. "It is an extremely positive result, not only because of the quantity of items donated, but also because of the care and consideration shown by these associations," councillor Miguel Pacheco stated.

The initiative came to be following councillor and historian José Manuel de Molina's last visit to Nueva Iberia, during which he attended the Spanish Festival. While observing the festivities, he saw only one typical Andalusian dress, worn by the pageant queen. It was then that he launched the initiative that aimed to strengthen ties between the sister cities - the campaign slogan is "Tú a Alhaurín, yo a Nueva Iberia" - as well as to promote recycling.

Every year in the city they celebrate their Spanish Festival, with numerous gastronomic and cultural activities related to their ancestors. This year, participants will hopefully be able to wear their traditional costumes, which are to be sent to the Spanish Association of New Iberia in preparation for the start of the festivities in late April 2024.

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