Fuel prices rise due to market situation and end of government subsidy. / FRANCIS SILVA

Filling a car's petrol tank now costs around 13 euros more than it did a week ago

Motorists start to feel the pinch with the end of the Spanish government's 20 cent per litre fuel subsidy for private vehicles


The Spanish government subsidy of 20 cents per litre at petrol stations ended last year and is only in place now for sectors linked to transport, agriculture, livestock and fishing.

According to the daily report by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, based on the prices of 286 service stations in Malaga province, a litre of 95 petrol in Malaga costs an average of 1.63 euros compared to the 1.59 euros it cost on 27 December; the average price for a litre of diesel is 1.69 euros, compared to 1.66 euros just a week ago.

Adding the additional costs now that the subsidy has been scrapped for private motorists, filling up a 55-litre tank (the capacity of an average car) now costs 93 euros, on 27 December it cost an average of 80.30 euros; while petrol has gone from 76.67 to 89.65 euros. With bothr fuels the cost increase equates to a rise of 13 euros.

The increase in fuel prices is due to the rise in oil prices in recent weeks. This is reflected in the price of a barrel of Brent, which reached 76 dollars in December but closed the year at 86 dollars, and is expected to go higher.

Most expensive and cheapest

However, there is a marked difference between filling up at the most expensive and cheapest stations of 14 euros for petrol and 17.50 for diesel. The cheapest 95 octane unleaded petrol (on Wednesday 4 January) was at four petrol stations in Antequera (two Plenoil, one Petroprix and one ASC Carburantes) at a price of 1.449 euros/litre. This is well below the average price of 1.63 euros/litre in Malaga province and even lower than the 1.768 paid at a petrol station in El Burgo (Repsol), which was the top price in Malaga, followed by the 1.719 of another two of the same company in Torremolinos and one managed by Agla in Montecorto. With these prices, the extra cost filling a car at the most expensive petrol station is 17.54 euros.

The situation is practically the same for diesel A. In Antequera, a litre cost 1.525 euros, while the most expensive was in El Burgo, at 1.779 euros. The average price in Malaga province is 1.69 euros/litre. Between the most expensive and the cheapest there is a difference of 13.97 euros.