Lights, camera, cash! Filming brought a hefty 14 million euros to Malaga city coffers last year

Lights, camera, cash! Filming brought a hefty 14 million euros to Malaga city coffers last year

The Snow Girl, Black Mirror, Kaos and Los Farad productions helped triple audiovisual investment with the second best data of the last two decades, according to the Malaga Film Office



Thursday, 2 February 2023, 15:48

With the series The Snow Girl becoming number one in Spain and appearing in another twenty countries on the Netflix platform during the last few days, more good news follows for the Malaga film industry.

On Wednesday the Malaga Film Office (MFO) unveiled its annual balance for the productions shot in 2022 in Malaga city: some 14.2 million euros. Thanks to the adaptation of the novel by Javier Castillo, the new season of Black Mirror and the international series Kaos, among others, the investment is triple that of 2021 when it was 4.1 million.

Although last year pandemic security measures were still in place, the end of the health crisis was accompanied by an increase in large productions, particularly for television series and 'streaming' platforms that have returned to provide a new golden age of recordings – the second best in the last two decades after 2019, which brought in 23 million euros.

Filming of the Netflix series The Snow Girl (La Chica de Nieve), in Malaga last March. sur

Important television series included the Mariano Barroso thriller for Amazon, Los Farad, about arms trafficking set in the dazzling Marbella of the 80s; the second season of the Movistar comedy Sentimos las Molestias (We are sorry for the incovenience), with Antonio Resines and Miguel Rellán, and the British ITV network series Archie, based on the life of Cary Grant, from Malaga’s Fresco Film, which also shot Netflix’s Black Mirror and Kaos. And, currently filming in Malaga city and province is the Mediaset series Urban.

Film activity in 2022 included five productions: Devoción, a drama starring Joaquín Furriel and Elena Martínez produced by the Malaga company 73140323PC; Tregua(s), a 'dramedy' with Salva Reina set at the Malaga Festival; Caleta Palace, the chronicle of the fall of Malaga city during the Civil War by José Antonio Hergueta; the documentary Viva La Calle about the urban transformation of Malaga city in recent decades by Video Sur TV, and the Hindu film Dhamarka, by Gopi Krishna.




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