Manilva gets its beaches ready for summer visitors

Manilva gets its beaches ready for summer visitors

The children's playground on Los Granados beach has been moved away from the shoreline

Vanessa Melgar


Friday, 2 June 2023, 20:10


Manilva town hall, specifically the beaches department headed by Eva Galindo, continues to focus its efforts on preparing the town's beaches for the summer.

The town council has improved the children's playground that is located on Los Granados beach, and moved it away from the shoreline as it suffered damage from the latest storms, said the councillor for Parks and Gardens, Francisco Becerra.

"This leisure area for the little ones can now be enjoyed by residents and holidaymakers alike as all the elements in it are fully approved, complying with the safety regulations for their use - as have all the parks in the municipality," said Becerra.

Additionally the treatment of the palm trees in the parks and green areas is being performed at the moment. "The treatment of the palm trees is essential to preserve them and ensure that the threat of insect pests that are harmful to the species are eradicated," said Galindo.

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