Thirty-one workers have been assigned to keep Estepona looking at its best. / sur

Estepona streets smell especially sweet of orange blossom this Easter

The council's Special Cleaning Plan for Semana Santa includes the use of detergent with this floral fragrance for washing down the streets


If the fragrance of orange blossom pervades the streets of Estepona these days it isn’t just due to the trees: the council is using a detergent with the same smell to keep the streets clean over Easter.

“It is such a characteristic smell, we all associate it with spring and Easter in Andalucía, and it is going to be notable in the town centre, especially along the routes taken by the processions,” says councillor Blas Ruzafa.

The product will also be used in the areas where rubbish containers are located and in the historic centre of the town, and is part of a special cleaning plan the council has put into effect during this time when so many visitors come to Estepona.

More rubbish containers have been placed in the streets because of the expected increase in the population at Easter, and they are being emptied more frequently. When the processions have taken place, council workers come along afterwards to sweep and pick up litter, and then the streets are washed down every night.

On Saturday, there will be an extra job to do: the streets will have to be power-washed with hot water and a special product to remove wax from the candles used in the processions.

This special plan is necessary to make sure that Estepona is clean and looking at its best, says the council, so that people can fully enjoy Easter in the town.