The town hall plans to have the beaches in perfect condition for Easter. / SUR

Estepona gets its beaches in tip-top condition ready for Easter holidaymakers

Municipal workers have removed more than 2,200 cubic metres of reeds that the recent storms have carried to the coast


Estepona council workers are working hard to make sure the Costa del Sol town’s beaches are in tip-top condition for the fast-approaching Easter holiday period. Teams have already removed more than 2,200 cubic metres of reeds that the rivers and streams carried to the coast after the intense rains and winds of last week.

The town hall has mobilised six tractors, six beach cleaning machines and two trailer vehicles for the clearing work on the La Rada beach and in the Guadalmansa and El Padrón sections.

Due to the significant flow of water that continues to reach the mouths of rivers and streams and the large volume of sedimen and debris, including reeds, which continue to be deposited in some points of the Estepona coast, the beach machinery has not yet been able to access certain points, although work will be completed as soon as the transit of these specialised vehicles is deemed safe.

Meanwhile, teams continue to work on preparing the facilities in the coast for the coming Easter holidays and have begun to install the wooden walkways to connect the Estepona promenade with the beach areas. Services are also being fitted out, such as showers and footbaths, which are distributed along the entire coastline.