Gloria and Geoffrey. / SUR

British man stands trial accused of murdering his Spanish wife in Estepona

Gloria Tornay, 58, died after being stabbed up to eleven times at her home on the Costa del Sol


A British man is facing a 14-year prison sentence, accused at trial of murdering his Spanish wife, Gloria Tornay (58) at her Estepona home.

Geoffrey Elton, allegedly stabbed Gloria, originally from Montejaque in the Serrania de Ronda, up to 11 times according to the Public Prosecutor's office.

The incident happened on 9 March, 2019 between 1030 pm and 11.45 pm in the evening, after the alleged murderer kicked Gloria’s son, who was then 16 years, out of the house, throwing phones out onto the street, cutting the power and locking himself inside.

The accused began to hit Gloria, allegedly, "covering her mouth to suffocate her and then trying to strangle her," according to the prosecutor. Later he picked up a 14.5cm-long kitchen knife, with which he started to stab her. One of them was from behind and it was that one that reached the victim's heart, ending her life.


It was a neighbour who notified the emergency services, alerted by the screams and noise. The police were forced to break down the door to access the house, but nothing could be done to save Gloria's life. Her son had also tried to enter the home through one of the windows and a door, but without success.

Officers found Gloria dead on the bed. In the same room they found Elton, who apparently had tried to take his own life.


There were no complaints of ill-treatment in the relationship. Gloria had severed her relationship with her husband about three years before the gender crime, but ended up returning to his side. Before her death, she had told family members of her intention to separate again. But she had waited to do so by mutual agreement and protect her children, who were then 16 and 29 years old.


In court evidence the Prosecutor's Office acknowledged that the defendant suffers from a disorder that gives rise to "cognitive distortions in the appreciation of reality" and requests a 14 year-prison sentence for the alleged crime of murder, allowing for the mitigating circumstance of his condition.