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Man who attacked the alleged stalker of his daughter in Estepona faces murder investigation

The lawyer acting for the family of the deceased has said they can prove that the aggressor intended to kill the alleged stalker


In early December, a man was arrested in Estepona in connection with the death of his daughter's alleged stalker. He was released on bail because, initially, the police considered it a reckless homicide and that his intention was not to kill the victim.

Six weeks later, however, the family of the deceased has put the case in the hands of the lawyer Marcos García Montes, who has requested that the attacker be provisionally held in prison. The lawyer said they can prove that the aggressor intended to kill the alleged stalker.

The incident occurred at 12.30pm on Saturday 4 December, when the accused met the alleged harasser who was having coffee in a bar in Estepona. A scuffle ensued.

The assailant, according to the police, kicked the victim several times in the side. At the time of the attack, the man was wearing steel-capped boots. He denied to the judge that he had put them on in order to commit the assault, but rather, he insisted, they were part of his work uniform.

Both parties left the cafeteria separately.

However, just one day later the victim of the attack began to feel unwell at home and an ambulance was called. While being assisted, he went into cardiorespiratory arrest. The patient was admitted in a critical condition to the Intensive Care Unit of a Marbella hospital and died in the operating room when he underwent emergency surgery on his spleen.

Following the complaint by the deceased's partner, the National Police station in Estepona opened the investigation that led to the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, who acknowledged the attack at all times. The Estepona court did not qualify the facts pending the autopsy.

The victim is alleged to have sexually harassed the aggressor’s daughter when she was 15. When she told her parents, they filed a complaint in June 2017. Last year, the daughter was allegedly harassed by the victim again, leading to the altercation between her father and the man in December 2021. The family of the alleged harasser say the father wore the steel capped boots in order to deliberately kill him.