National Police arrest the parent in the Costa del Sol town. / CNP

Man dies after being attacked in Estepona by father of alleged sexual harassment victim

The beating happened at a cafeteria in the Costa del Sol town on 4 December, and the man died on a hospital operating table in Marbella the following day


National Police officers in Estepona have arrested a father in the Costa del Sol town for allegedly fatally attacking a man, who had previously been accused of sexually harassing his daughter.

According to the force, the incident happened in a cafeteria in Estepona, when the 57-year-old victim was attacked from the back by the girl's parent, who threw him to the ground and then kicked him several times in the side with steel toe-capped boots.

The 49-year-old father of the girl was a neighbour of the man who died and, apparently, had a good relationship with him until 2017 when the daughter, who was then a minor, revealed to her parents that she was being sexually harassed by the man.

According to witnesses, while the arrested father beat the man, he referred to the sexual harassment that his daughter had suffered. After some customers managed to stop the attack both men separately left the establishment.


However, just one day later, the victim of the assault began to feel unwell at home and his partner called an ambulance. While being attended, he entered cardiorespiratory arrest. He was admitted to a Marbella hospital in a critical condition, but died in the operating room when he was undergoing emergency surgery for damage to the spleen.

The arrested father is being held in custody at Estepona police station and is expected to face the court this Wednesday, 8 December. Officers recovered a pair of boots, reinforced with steel toe-caps, from his home.