Estepona's traffic controlled by new artificial intelligence systems

Estepona's traffic controlled by new artificial intelligence systems

Vehicle data can be separated by type, colour or weight with around 250 cameras that use algorithms, and the mayor has said it will all help make the Costa del Sol town safer

David Lerma

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Estepona has started using an advanced video surveillance system to control the town's traffic, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms.

This new system, designed by the Malaga-based company Juma, is already up and running in the control centre at the town’s Local Police headquarters. It has approximately 250 cameras which operate 24 hours a day and has seen an investment of 500,000 euros.

It was the Local Police force that put forward the proposal to the town hall. "We are pleased that Estepona is becoming an increasingly safer town," the mayor, José María García Urbano, said during a press conference.


García Urbano went on to say, "The aim of the installation is two-fold. On the one hand, if there is a traffic jam, a hit-and-run or an accident, the police will be able to see where it happened and alert their colleagues so that they can get there quickly."

He also explained that the installation of the cameras "will deter criminals" and that the information will be "at the disposal of the National Police, the Guardia Civil and other state bodies".

Manager of Juma Carlos Moreno explained during the presentation that the system "works with artificial intelligence algorithms. The cameras not only allow us to control traffic, but can also separate vehicles by their colour or shape. It has data so we can identify a heavy or dangerous goods vehicle. It will tell us the average speed of a vehicle or its make.”

He added, “All these statistics and the data can be studied for a better understanding of the traffic situation in the town and decisions can be made based on the information it collects.”



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