Police smash armed gang that robbed petrol stations in Estepona

The criminals were allegedly planning their next hit in a bar just 57 metres away from the police station when they were arrested


A violent gang that went on a spree robbing petrol stations has been arrested in a bar just 57 metres from the National Police station in Estepona were they were planning their next hit.

The Violent Crime Unit had been investigating the gang for several weeks. The gang is accused of robbing two petrol stations in Estepona. The first robbery took place on the evening of 11 December 2021. Four hooded men with firearms threatened employees. To underscore that they were armed and dangerous, one of the gang shot at the ceiling while another grabbed the cash register.

Police discovered the car used in the robbery had been stolen in Estepona the day before. On 16 December, the gang held up another petrol station and escaped on a motorcycle that had been stolen from a driving school in Estepona in November.

After identifying the suspects, police found that the leader of the gang, a 30-year-old man, had a long and violent criminal record. In 2016, he was arrested for stabbing a man, in 2017 he was arrested for shooting at the car of an adversary using a homemade weapon. In 2021 he was again accused of stabbing a criminal associate.

Two other men, aged 34 and 21, have been arrested in connection with the robberies.