New Year's Eve celebrations in Malaga. / F. silva

112 Emergency Service handled 411 calls from Malaga province on New Year’s Eve

The majority were medical emergencies and concerns about safety, the service has said in a report on its activity from 3pm Saturday to 6am Sunday


The 112 Emergency Service in Andalucía was called 411 times in Malaga province on New Year’s Eve, between 3pm on Saturday and 6am Sunday. This was a higher number than the previous year, when assistance was requested on 336 occasions.

The largest number of calls were for health and medical reasons (202), followed by safety concerns (103), traffic accidents (22), fires (20) and traffic-related incidents (16).

The other calls related to social services, rescues and anomalies in basic services, among others, a report from the service said.

Nearly 2,000 emergencies in Andalucía

In the whole region of Andalucía, there were 1,999 calls to the Emergency Service. The highest number came from Seville province (510), while Malaga had the second highest followed by Cadiz (265) and Granada (261).

New Year’s Eve was quieter in Almería in terms of calls due to emergencies (161), and also in Cordoba (155), Huelva (125) and Jaén (111).

With regard to the capital cities in each province, there were 254 calls to the 112 number from Seville, 158 from Malaga, 85 from Granada, 79 in Cordoba, 52 from Almería, 40 from Huelva, 23 from Cadiz and 14 from Jaén.