Lottery office in Calle Mármoles, Malaga that sold one of the winning tickets. Migue Fernández
Jackpot winning tickets in Spain's El Niño lottery sold in Malaga province, and this is precisely where
El Niño lottery 2024

Jackpot winning tickets in Spain's El Niño lottery sold in Malaga province, and this is precisely where

The lucky number 94974 is worth 200,000 for each holder of a 'décimo' (tenth)

Ester Requena


Saturday, 6 January 2024, 13:06


The jackpot first prize number in Spain's El Niño lottery draw today (6 January) will raise some smiles in Malaga. The number 94974 was sold in several locations throughout the province, offering 200,000 euros per 'décimo' (tenth) to each lucky holder, although they will have to deduct what the Treasury takes from their winnings.

Precisely, the number was sold in Torremolinos (Plaza del Lido), in Marbella (Calle Fortaleza), in Arriate (in Calle Ronda) and in the city (Calle Mármoles, Avenida Velázquez and in Calle Catapilco). Interestingly, the last two locations also sold third prize winning numbers. Elsewhere in Spain the winning number was also sold in areas including Madrid, Vizcaya, Las Palmas, Valladolid and Badajoz.

The second prize, with 75,000 euros for each tenth, went to 89634, sold entirely in Móstoles (Madrid), while the third prize, with 25,000 euros for each tenth, went to 57033, also widely distributed throughout Spain, including Malaga.

As for the ending numbers, the tenths that end in 7247 and 8172 have earned 350 euros (3,500 for the series); those that end in 507, 296, 161, 978, 872, 506, 114, 488, 730, 428, 281, 568, 644 and 598 get 100 euros (1,000 euros for the series); and those ending in 66, 40, 32, 65 and 99 return 40 euros (400 euros for the series). As for players getting their money back, in addition to 4 (the number at the end of the first prize), those finishing with a 1 or 9 will also get 20 a euro prize per tenth.

Andalucía, with 123,455,800 million euros, was the second region in Spain, after the Valencian Community, that staked the most money in the El Niño 2024 draw with an average of 14.52 euros per person. Malaga was the second-placed Andalusian province in terms of sales, with 25,095,600 euros staked and 125,478 tickets sold and an average expenditure per inhabitant of 14.25 euros, according to data from the state lottery authority, Loterías y Apuestas del Estado

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