Villanueva del Rosario was the epicentre of both seismic movements this Monday, 21 November IGN
Two new earthquakes registered in Malaga province

Two new earthquakes registered in Malaga province

They follow a 4.1 quake on Saturday morning which originated in the Alboran Sea and was felt in several coastal municipalities



Monday, 21 November 2022, 15:25

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Two new earthquakes have been felt in the last few hours in Malaga province. Both were recorded in the town of Villanueva del Rosario, where at 12.30pm this Monday (21 November) one of 1.9 magnitude was registered at a depth of zero kilometres deep.

Some twelve hours before, at 00.44am, according to data from Spain’s National Geographic Institute (IGN), another seismic movement of the same magnitude was registered in the same municipality at a depth of 29 kilometres.

With these two new reports there have now been three earthquakes felt in the province since Saturday, when at 00.32am many people from Malaga felt the earthquake that originated in the Alboran Sea. It had a magnitude of 4.1 and was felt in certain parts of Malaga city as well as in Vélez-Málaga and Torrox, among other areas.

In the last few hours there have also been more seismic movements recorded in the Alboran Sea.

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