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A magnitude 3.6 earthquake in Granada is felt in Malaga this Sunday morning

A magnitude 3.6 earthquake in Granada is felt in Malaga this Sunday morning

In the last week there have been five seismic tremors that have had their epicentre in Malaga city and various other towns of the province



Sunday, 2 October 2022, 11:31


There has been more seismic activity in the south of Spain on Saturday night and during the early hours of this Sunday, 2 October, in the Granada municipalities of Huétor-Tájar and Salar.

The most intense was recorded at 7.44am this Sunday in Huétor-Tájar and it was felt in Malaga province, according to the 112 Andalucía emergency service coordination centre. This earthquake had a magnitude of 3.6 and it was registered at only two kilometres depth. Earlier, at 6.59am, Spain’s National Geographic Institute (IGN) detected another tremor of 2.9, with its epicentre in Huétor-Tájar and also two kilometres deep.

Meanwhile, in the municipality of Salar, several earthquakes were recorded during the night, two of them of magnitude 2.3 (at 2.44am) and 2.2 (at 8.28am) at a depth of four kilometres. In the same town, a 3.7 magnitude tremor had been recorded several days ago, specifically on 29 September at 11.15am just one kilometre underground. 112 Andalucía has confirmed that there are no personal injuries caused by the earthquake in any of the three municipalities.

In Malaga last week, there were five earthquakes registered with their epicentres in different municipalities of the province . The last one was detected on Friday at 3.09pm, with its epicentre in Alhaurín de la Torre, at a depth of 70 kilometres and a magnitude of 2.0.

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