Costa storm rages with weather warnings for high winds and waves remaining in place this weekend

Costa storm rages with weather warnings for high winds and waves remaining in place this weekend

Strong gusts have already caused around twenty incidents along the coast, but Spain's weather agency Aemet warns things will likely get worse this afternoon



Friday, 10 February 2023, 12:13

Spain’s weather agency Aemet has predicted that the worst of today's weather will be from the early afternoon onwards. Two amber warnings are in place both for this Friday, 10 February, and tomorrow along the entire Costa del Sol coastline.

Today the maximum easterly gusts could reach 90 km/h on land, while at sea the easterly winds will range from 60 to 70 km/h (force 8) and the waves will reach four to five metres. On Saturday, the weather warning will remain in place until midnight.

There have already been around twenty incidents reported since midnight, according to the 112 Andalucía emergency coordination centre, mainly in Malaga city.

The most notable incident so far has been the fall of a large tree on the gate of a housing development on Avenida Ortega y Gasset, at around 9am this morning.

A fallen tree on a car that was driving through the Pedregalejo district of Malaga this morning. sur

The rest of the warnings have been for branches falling on the road, for example on the A-404 and Calle Esquilo, as well as for displaced containers, signs and fallen cables.

Erosion caused by the waves on Ferrara beach, in Torrox EUGENIO CABEZAS

The Baños del Carmen is facing its first major storm since its approval as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC). The restaurant's managers have had to close the terrace area to the public and set up wooden platforms so that customers can access the dining room, which is full with reservations for lunch despite the storm forecast, according to its director, the well-known chef Adolfo Jaime.

José Luis Escudero, who writes the SUR weather blog, reports that the wind is depositing large quantities of sand on the Antonio Banderas promenade in the city of Malaga, although for the moment there have been no serious incidents reported on the beaches.




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