Work has begun to clear the pavements and roads after the storms battered the coast. sALVADOR SALAS

Following the battering from storms the Costa del Sol begins the big clean-up in readiness for Easter holidaymakers

In Malaga city and all the towns along the coast special cleaning plans have been put into effect to try to repair the damage before the peak tourist season begins at Easter



Wednesday, 6 April 2022, 11:32


The waves were still high on Tuesday morning, when council workers and cleaning services in Malaga city and all along the Costa del Sol set to work to clean up after the storms. Their task was to clear sand from the seafront promenades and return it to the beaches, and remove the thousands of tonnes of stones, reeds and rubbish which had been deposited by the waves.

Every council on the coast activated their special cleaning plans because the damage needs to be repaired and the beaches clean and tidy before tourists arrive for Easter next week, marking the start of the peak season. Most owners of the chiringuito beach restaurants were able to heave a sigh of relief that there had been no structural damage, however, and their staff made great efforts to clean up the debris from the areas surrounding them.

Back to normal for Easter?

Will there be enough time for the beaches to be back to normal, and everything cleaned up for Easter? The mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, believes there will be, but he once again called on the Coastal Authority to resolve these problems, because they occur year after year in bad weather. The president of the Association of Beach Businesses on the Costa del Sol, Manuel Villafaina, is also convinced that by Friday the ravages of the storms will no longer be evident.

Vídeo. Some of the destruction on the Costa del Sol as the clean-up operation starts IGNACIO LILLO

The stretch of coast at Torremolinos was particularly badly hit, especially on Monday night, so there is plenty of work going on there. In Fuengirola, the council activated its emergency plan to repair the damage, especially to the beaches of El Castillo, Fuengirola Centro and Carvajal. Here, the sea reached the wall that separates the beach from the seafront, damaging urban furniture and spreading sand all over the road and pavements.

In Marbella, it was the beaches in the town centre that were affected most. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has called a meeting today, Wednesday 6 April, to see how extensive the damage has been and to prepare the work to repair it.


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