Malaga province has some of the most active speed cameras in Spain. / SUR

Costa del Sol speed cameras trap some of the highest numbers of offenders in Spain

The two radar devices on the A-7 near Malaga city have resulted in over 90,000 fines being issued to drivers between 2017 and 2021


For years Malaga province has held the rather unfortunate record of being home to some of the most active speed cameras in Spain. That is still the case, according to the latest report issued by the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) for the years 2017 to 2021.

The Costa del Sol now holds third and fourth place on the list of the busiest cameras in Spain, which is topped by Valencia and Navarra. In third place is the speed camera at kilometre 246 on the A-7 (eastern Malaga bypass) at Cerrado de Calderón (Almeria-bound carriageway), which has resulted in 47,246 fines being issued.

In fourth place is another camera on the same stretch of road, at kilometre 257, in Rincón de la Victoria, this time on the Malaga-bound carriageway, which has been responsible for 45,648 fines. Between the two, over 90,000 fines have been sent out.

The speed camera on the A-45 Las Pedrizas road north of Malaga, has caught fewer speeders in the most recent figures, dropping down to 36th in the 50 most active traps

The Costa del Sol appears again further down the DGT list. In twelfth position is the speed camera at kilometre 10 on the MA-20, just west of the city, which has resulted in 36,619 fines.

Better news on the other hand is that drivers on the A-45 Las Pedrizas road north of Malaga are becoming more aware of the presence of the speed trap at kilometre 118; this always used to be near the top of the list but is now in 36th place.

The figures for this province are also among the worst in Andalucía, and by far. You have to scroll down to 13th place to find the H-31 in Huelva, with 29,577 fines, and in 26th place is Seville (the A-92) with 21,355. In other words, way below the figures for Malaga.

The results are improving

Despite these figures, in general terms the situation is improving in Malaga province. In 2020, five DGT cameras had the dubious honour of being among the most active in Spain.

On this "black list", the radar on the city's eastern bypass (A-7) between the Cerrado de Calderón and El Palo exits stands out especially. In 2020 it caught 48,771 drivers speeding, making it the number one in the country. It achieved that previously in 2018, with another 54,377, although in 2019 the figure dropped to 13,390 because there were times when the camera was not in operation.

More good news, too: the speed camera just before the Carlos Haya tunnel on the old western bypass (now the MA-20), which previously held third place in the province and 18th in Spain, has disappeared from the list altogether this time.

Some dropped off the list

Two other traditionally active cameras that have not returned to the list are the one on the A-384 at Almargen and the average speed check that monitors a section of road - recording speed over a series of metres or kilometres - at the Torrox tunnel on the A-7, on the Almeria-bound carriageway.

The table does not include offenders in Catalonia or the Basque Country because those regions have their own traffic authorities.

So, without taking them into account, a speed camera on the AP-7 in Valencia has replaced the one at Las Pedrizas in Malaga in the number one place, with no fewer than 60,525 fines being issued during the period covered by the DGT report. It is followed by one on the A-15 in Navarra, with 57.961.

Although behind the figures for those in Malaga, radar speed traps in Cuenca, Zamora, Pontevedra and Ibiza are also high on the list.