The campaign highlights the quality on the Costa del Sol. / sur

Slick new video showcases how the tourism offering of the Costa del Sol has changed with the times

A new promotion campaign aims to show that the region has adapted perfectly to meet the new demands of travellers

Pilar Martínez

The Turismo Costa del Sol tourist board is carrying out a campaign to promote its modern hotel facilities as yet another reason to visit the area. Called ‘Renovada y viva’, the campaign aims to show that its hotel sector has been updated and is now perfectly placed to meet the demands of travellers today. It will include a video on social media and TV to show how the hotel facilities on the Costa have been brought up to date and enhanced in quality.

The tourist board has drawn up this campaign in collaboration with the Aehcos hotel association of the Costa del Sol, to highlight the importance of having modern hotel facilities for comfort and convenience in order to enjoy all the other attractions of the destination.

A destination of choice in Spain

It also explains that Malaga province has become a benchmark for luxury, and some emblematic hotel chains have designated Malaga as the destination of choice in Spain. In addition, many hotels are now offering high level leisure facilities and gastronomy “and they are at the forefront of the world’s hotel sector,” sources have said.

Margarita del Cid, the CEO of Turismo Costa del Sol, said the organisation works constantly with tourism professionals and associations in the sector to promote the attractions of Malaga. “This video is proof that thanks to the collaboration between the public and private sectors, when we all pull together we add more to the important work of promoting our region”.

Modern infrastructure

The María Zambrano railway station and the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Malaga city, Puerto Banus, the wooden bridge over the Guadalhorce and Malaga airport are some of the infrastructure included in the video to showcase this transformation.

"The campaign shows a destination which is always alive, constantly renewed in terms of facilities and infrastructure as well as hotels, with a level of services which has made the Costa del Sol a benchmark for quality tourism,” Del Cid said.