A float during the Pride of Torremolinos 2023 Marilú Báez
Torremolinos Pride will have the first women's float in its history

Torremolinos Pride will have the first women's float in its history

Two groups that fight for equal rights among LGBT+ women have been influential in achieving this for this year's Pride march ·

Víctor Rojas


Monday, 13 May 2024


Women are often underrepresented at LGBT+ events. The spaces are occupied by men, but it is something that is slowly changing, especially in Torremolinos. At Pride 2024, a new milestone will be reached: this will be the first year there will be a float made up only of women during the march on Saturday 1 June.

Afrodita Party and Reynas Torremolinos have joined forces to achieve the exclusive space for LGBT+ women, who are not usually sufficiently represented at these type of events. "We will collaborate to create the best atmosphere of fun, laughter and unforgettable moments," they said on social media.

This float will give visibility to lesbians and other women fighting for equality, diversity and rights in order to build a more inclusive and respectful society. "The visibility of lesbian women is crucial to challenge stereotypes, combat discrimination and promote acceptance and understanding," they said.

This float is open to all women who want to spend an unforgettable evening at Pride in Torremolinos. Tickets are available on their website for around 45 euros.

Torremolinos is becoming more open to the LGBT+ community, outside of gay men. The last weekend of April, on Lesbian Visibility Day, saw several lesbian events organised, something that is not common in the leisure offer of the municipality. This is something that this float is now adding to and it is hoped that they will continue in this commitment to include all the letters of the community and not leave anyone behind in the fight for equal rights.

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