Man kidnapped at gunpoint rescued from captors by police in Benalmádena

Man kidnapped at gunpoint rescued from captors by police in Benalmádena

Three people are being held in custody on suspicion of illegal detention, threats, intimidation and assault

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Friday, 26 April 2024, 12:28


Benalmádena Local Police have arrested three individuals who allegedly intimidated, threatened, assaulted and kidnapped a man, who was detained inside a vehicle from which he was rescued by municipal officers in a rapid intervention operation.

The details were announced by the town hall in a statement in which they outlined the police intervention, which was carried out by the special nighttime unit, and which happened in the early hours of 23 April in Calle Lapislázuli.

The rapid police response swung into operation when a patrol car intercepted a white BMW vehicle parked suspiciously, obstructing the exit of the victim's car. After being approached by the officers, the victim informed the unit that he had been held against his will since 6.05pm the previous day, where he was forced, according to his testimony, with intimidation, to get into the vehicle in which the three detainees were travelling in: he also told officers that he had been threatened with a firearm.

The individual thanked the Local Police force for its intervention, stating that the officers presence had been crucial in saving his life. The motives behind the kidnapping point to a possible settling of scores. The detainees are now charged with unlawful arrest, threatening behaviour, intimidation and assault.

Local authorities have highlighted the swift police action in cases of this nature and seriousness, which demonstrates the level of preparedness of officers in unexpected situations, their commitment to safety and working for the welfare of the community.

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