Forensic officers take evidence from the crime scene. Irene Quirante
Spanish mother-of-three, Paula, named as victim of fatal stabbing in Torremolinos

Spanish mother-of-three, Paula, named as victim of fatal stabbing in Torremolinos

The 28-year-old who was allegedly killed by her Italian ex-partner had tried to previously leave the relationship which was marked by jealousy and abuse, according to those close to her

Irene Quirante / Juan Cano


Thursday, 18 May 2023, 22:15


The victim of yesterday's fatal stabbing attack in Torremolinos can be revealed as Paula, a Spanish mother-of-three who considered her work colleagues as her second family.

The 28-year-old was allegedly killed on Wednesday, 17 May, by her ex-partner at their apartment in La Carihuela. The man, an Italian national, was detained after a manhunt involving a large number of police officers was mounted in the area.

Paula's cries for help quickly alerted neighbours, but by the time they knocked on her door, the native from Malaga city could no longer be heard.

SUR can reveal that Paula had previously tried to end the relationship with the alleged killer, which was marked by jealousy and abuse. It was also not the first time that neighbours intervened or became concerned about Paula's welfare.

The alleged murderer left the house, taking advantage of the moment the neighbours went to get a phone to call the police. Before he left the house he closed the door behind him, preventing anyone from getting inside to help Paula.

Both lived together in the same house, despite Paula ending their relationship a few weeks ago. The alleged killer did not accept her decision, and did not obey her pleas to leave. Paula repeatedly told her work colleagues that she was confident she would soon be able to start a new life away from violence.

The crime has shocked La Carihuela where Paula not only lived, but had forged a second family with her work colleagues. She was the mother of three children, with the youngest believed to be with the alleged murderer.

Devastated friends of Paula told SUR that they were aware of the issues Paula had been suffering at the hands of her ex-partner. He already had a history of domestic violence, they said, and despite the beatings and encouragement of those closest to her to report him, she always refused. She did not want to hurt him, she told friends.

Paula worked in the hospitality business and, despite what was happening behind closed doors, always tried to put on a brave face. She was described as a vital and loving woman, a hugger, and completely devoted to her work. Her hope was to regain control of her life.

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