The double wall behind which Sibora's body was found. SUR
Handyman admits he was hired to build recess in Torremolinos flat where young woman's dead body was hidden

Handyman admits he was hired to build recess in Torremolinos flat where young woman's dead body was hidden

The Italian builder went to the police when he heard about what had happened to Sibora Gagani in the media but claimed he didn't know what was hidden behind it

Juan Cano


Friday, 2 February 2024, 12:00


On 6 June 2023, two weeks after Marco R.G.'s confession, and after several unsuccessful inspections of his apartment, the police found the body of Sibora Gagani walled up in a room in the Calvario neighbourhood of Torremolinos, where the two lived together when they were a couple.

The news was immediately reported in the media and shook an Italian handyman, an old acquaintance of Marco's, who has lived in Benalmádena for more than 20 years and has been doing odd jobs, small building works and maintenance work.

On the evening of 7 June 2023, the day after the body was found, the handyman went to the police station to declare that he had built the recess where the body of the young Italian-Albanian woman was found. He said that he had done so on behalf of the alleged killer, but without knowing what was in it.

Pizzeria renovation

According to what he told the officers, he met Marco R. G. and Sibora in 2013 while he was renovating a pizzeria in Benalmádena. They did not see each other again for some time until he received a call from Marco to repair an oven in the restaurant where he worked. In 2014 he called him again to repair the cistern in the apartment bathroom. Sibora was at home, still alive. The conversation was relaxed.

Later, the builder learned that the young woman had disappeared. He had found out from Sibora's bosses. In July 2014 they commented on what a nice girl she was and complained about how difficult it was to find staff in the summer. One detail caught the handyman’s attention: the young woman had left the restaurant without being paid for the last few weeks of her work.

Build wall

A week later, he received a phone call from Marco, who informed him that he wanted to build a wall in the apartment and needed his help. He told him that he had already spoken to the owner of the property and that he was authorised to carry out the renovation.

The bricklayer went to Marco's house to check the job on the spot, namely a wall on the first floor, next to the bathroom. When he arrived, he noticed that his compatriot had already bought all the materials needed for the work: bricks, sand and cement.

Image of the room where the remains were found (l), contrasted with a neighbour's flat opposite. SUR / Video: Atlas

In that brief conversation, he asked Marco about Sibora's disappearance and he replied that she had gone to the Canary Islands.

The handyman assured the police that on the first day he did not see anything strange in the hole that Marco was trying to wall up. There were no objects inside and it was clean. The next day, he went to the flat and started to build the wall. When he had finished, Marco told him that he had to go to work and they both left the flat.

The next day, when he returned to continue the work, he noticed that there was "a large plastic bag" in one of the corners of the recess he was bricking up. The bricklayer claimed that he asked Marco what was in the bag, and he replied that it was "something he didn't want anyone to know he had", since, as he had had a fight with Sibora and she was in contact with her ex-partner, "it could cause him problems".

Strange smells

According to his account, he continued raising the wall and then plastered it. Once finished, Marco paid him for the work (he could not recall the price they had agreed on) and left. The policemen asked him if the bag inside the hole was big enough to hide a human body. The worker replied that it was not. In fact, he stated that he thought it might contain a weapon.

The officers also asked him if he observed anything unusual in the house during the two days he was working there or if he noticed any strange smells. The man replied that he did not notice anything at all that caught his attention.

Since then, he said, he has had only casual contact with Marco. And it was only now, when he heard about Marco’s confession in the media, and about the wall which had hidden the body that he decided to go to the police, the Italian handyman claimed.

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