Sibora, the young woman who went missing in Torremolinos in 2014. SUR
Family of Sibora, the missing ex-girlfriend of Paula's alleged killer, say: 'We believe he may have killed her too'

Family of Sibora, the missing ex-girlfriend of Paula's alleged killer, say: 'We believe he may have killed her too'

The family of the young Albanian woman had never suspected Marco until they found out he was arrested for stabbing a woman to death in Torremolinos last week, and that he was the last person to contact Sibora before she went missing in 2014

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Monday, 22 May 2023, 12:57


The family of Sibora Ganani, who has been missing since 2014, believe that the same man who stabbed Paula to death in Torremolinos last week could also be responsible for Sibora’s disappearance.

It comes after the Court of Instruction number 3 of Torremolinos ordered the imprisonment of Marco G, accused of murdering Paula, 28, at their apartment in La Carihuela on Wednesday, 17 May. It was only after police arrested him that they discovered he was the same man who was the last person to be in contact with Sibora, an Albanian woman who was just 22 at the time she vanished without a trace in Torremolinos in 2014. Her case has now been reopened.

Her family, in view of what happened last week, now fear the worst: "We believe that he could also have killed her".

Sibora’s sister, Kseva, spoke to SUR from Albania, where she lives and said her family was "very worried". "We have no proof, but we see many similarities with Paula's case,” she said.

Sibora had also ended her relationship with Marco shortly before she disappeared. She had moved to another flat, in Calle Hoyos in Torremolinos, although she continued to live close to her ex's house.

Paula had also just ended her relationship with Marco before she was stabbed to death inside her home. Their relationship had been marked with abuse and jealousy, and she had previously told her friends that she had wanted to regain control of her life, according to Paula’s loved ones.

Plans to marry

Sibora and Marco started their relationship in 2009 after they met in the town of Nettuno in Italy, where part of her family lived, and also his. In 2010 they moved to Torremolinos. The relationship was apparently going well. Both the girl's mother and her older brother and friends knew Marco and never suspected anything. Sibora even had plans to marry him.

Now, looking back, Sibora's mother recalled with regret an episode in 2013. Sibora had returned to Nettuno with all of her clothes and told her that she never wanted to hear from Marco, whom she had just left. "She told him that she would do anything, even disappear, to get away from him," Kseva said.

She was determined to rebuild her life in Italy. According to her sister, what Sibora explained at the time was that "they had had problems and fought a lot", although she never spoke of abuse. "Now we think that maybe she lived through it and didn't say anything because she didn't want to worry us; it's just a suspicion because we have no way of getting answers,” Kseva said.

Twice reported for abuse

Marco had previously been reported for abuse twice, but neither of the reports were from Paula or Sibora, SUR can confirm.

Marco convinced Sibora to give him another chance and she returned to Torremolinos, although the young woman ended the relationship again a few months later, shortly before her disappearance in July 2014.

"At first, her mother thought she had disappeared voluntarily because of the previous comment Sibora made to her, but she thought she would reappear when she was calmer," Kseva said. Her mother even contacted Marco directly to ask him if he knew anything about her daughter. "He replied that he hadn't heard anything for days, that they had had a fight and Sibora had left the house," Kseva said.

In September 2014, her family reported Sibora missing in Italy and in Spain. According to investigators, all of Sibora's belongings remained in the flat, including her mobile phone.

The National Police always considered it a "high risk" disappearance. Investigators found that her ex-boyfriend was the last person with whom the young Albanian woman had contact. They last spoke via WhatsApp on 7 July. From then on, her phone stopped giving a signal and she was never heard from again.

Case reopened

Sibora was in Spain with a forged Italian document, under the name of Simona Faraone. "Perhaps that made the case more difficult to investigate, and Marco knew she had that document," Kseva said.

Police have reopened the case of Sibora following Paula’s murder. Homicide officers are investigating the case.

At a recent court hearing, Marco refused to testify, and only answered questions the questions asked of him by his defence lawyer, before he was ordered into prison.

The court has not yet reached a decision regarding Sibora's disappearance in 2014, but the case has been reopened and is being investigated.

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