The mayor and members of the new local government team visit the avenue after the completion of the work. SUR
Controversial fourth lane reinstated in Benalmádena after local election promise

Controversial fourth lane reinstated in Benalmádena after local election promise

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After complaints from the public following the removal of a lane under the previous administration, it has been reinstated by the new Partido Popular team

Lorena Cádiz


Wednesday, 19 July 2023, 19:05

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The controversial fourth lane on Benalmádena’s Avenida Antonio Machado, one of the main traffic arteries on the coast, has been reinstated. The Mayor of Benalmádena, Juan Antonio Lara, together with the councillor for Operational Services, Juan Olea, and the councillor for Mobility, Raúl Campos, visited the area to check the completion of the work last week.

Restoring the lane was an election promise of the Popular Party, after the lane was removed under the previous PSOE mandate, which led to numerous complaints about the number of traffic jams.

"This was a commitment of the PP, which as a local government team we have carried out with urgency. We are keeping our word, and we will continue to comply, because we are people who do what we say," said the mayor.

"We will always be at the side of the residents, listening to them. You cannot govern with your back to the public and without listening to the voice of our people, and we will continue to work because our commitment is to make Benalmádena look better, and have the best image for tourism," the mayor added.

Lara also said that by returning full circulation to this road, the traffic problems that had been generated in recent times, which are accentuated during the summer season, will be alleviated. The work to restore the fourth lane was mainly carried out at night.

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